A Guide to Moving Expensive and Large Furniture Safely

people moving a sofa
There are lots of things that can set off the alarm bells during a house move, but none are quite as troublesome as the thought of damaging your stuff. Thankfully, you can remove this particular worry relatively easily by adopting some simple, tried and tested techniques. Chances are, you’ve probably got a fair few large pieces of furniture that need moving safely. Add to that the expensive stuff you really don’t want to see damaged during the move, and the following tips will become invaluable.  

Use purpose-built packing

It’s amazing how many people shun the idea of spending a little bit extra on good quality, purpose-built packing materials. Inevitably, if you opt for the old cardboard boxes you used during the last house move, they’ll cause you a few problems. Sure, you can chuck the less valuable stuff into them, but what about your expensive items? Try and budget for purpose-built boxes and crates and specialist packaging for your larger and more valuable belongings - it’s worth it.  

Lean on those who know what they’re doing

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not a skilled, trained removals expert. But that’s cool - it’s why companies like Squab exist. If you have expensive, large items that need to be moved as part of your relocation, it’s best to call on a team who knows exactly how to handle them. It’s a huge weight off your mind. The stress of having to move your most treasured possessions yourself will add to what is already a pretty stressful day. Give the task to people who have done it countless times before, and you’ll feel so much better for it.  

Book a team with these capabilities

Once you’ve decided to book a team of removal experts, you need to make sure you pick one that has access to the best equipment to get the job done. The specialist tools and equipment that’ll ensure your belongings are treated with the best possible care include:
  • purpose-built covers and casing;
  • handling equipment (such as piano wheels, straps, and skates); and
  • a power or tail lift at the back of the van.
On the subject of the removals vehicle, that too will need to be adequately tooled up for the job. So, expect one that has air suspension and enough room in the back for everything to be tacked tightly and safely.  

Start planning today

Now we know what you need to ensure your expensive and large belongings remain safe during the house move, you can start planning. It’s important to do this as early as possible because now is the best time to identify all of those possessions which need the greatest care during the move. So, take some time to make note of everything you own which is of considerable value. Do the same with your large items and leave no stone unturned. The sooner you can identify the most important items, the sooner you can plan ahead when it comes to packing and transporting them safely. Remember - if you need that expert team, you can always call on Squab. Get in touch today to find out more about our brilliant removals service.

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