Trust Team Squab to make your move to Australia as simple as it should be.

It remains one of the most popular destinations for expats, but a move to Australia shouldn’t be stressful.

Whether it’s the free home survey or the assistance we offer on the day of the move, you’ll be glad you chose Squab. If you’ve decided to move permanently to Australia, you’ll need help, and we can assist with everything from the insurance arrangements to legal guidance, packing and removals for all of your belongings. We’ve got great transport options, too, from full lorry loads to sea and air freight. And if you decide to head home in the future, we’ll even help you reverse the process!

Sydney Opera House

Why move to Australia?

Sydney opera house

Why move to Australia?

There are so many reasons Australia is such a popular relocation destination, but here are four that might tempt you.

  • The weather is fantastic all year round and enables you to live that much sought-after outdoor lifestyle
  • Free or subsidised healthcare is available with some of the best hospitals in the world
  • Education is subsidised (or free) too, and ranked among the best in the world
  • Australia’s economy is strong and offers lots of wonderful career opportunities
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Other Overseas Destinations

We’ve helped people and businesses move all around the world, and we can help you. Here are the most popular destinations we can help you move to. Please talk to our team if yours is not listed.


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