Moving to the USA? Trust Squab to help you relocate.

It’s a big decision you’ve made, but we’ve got the experience and knowledge to make your move to the USA simple and easy.

When you wave goodbye to your home and head to the States to start a new life, you’ll be full of excitement and trepidation. The last thing you’ll want is for the move to get in the way of enjoying this hugely significant stage of your life. So, why not bring in Squab to help with the relocation? We’ll do everything from moving your worldly belongings to assisting with insurance, legal guidance, and all that red tape. We’ve got lots of transport options to choose from and we can even arrange return shipments from overseas if you ever decide to head back to the UK.

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Why move to the USA?

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Why move to the USA?

We could create an entire website to provide reasons for moving the USA, but here are four which tempt so many expats across the pond.

  • Positivity runs through the nation in America – they’re renowned for their ‘can do’ attitude, and its infectious
  • Education is a top priority in the States, so it’s perfect for families looking to relocate
  • Despite suffering some tough times, the American economy remains one of the strongest in the world
  • There are so many places to explore and places to call home – the wealth of scenery and surroundings on offer is unbeatable
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Other Overseas Destinations

We’ve helped people and businesses move all around the world, and we can help you. Here are the most popular destinations we can help you move to. Please talk to our team if yours is not listed.


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