Squab will relocate you to Denmark – stress-free.

The Squab team will support you every single step of the way. We’ve got everything you need to make your move to Denmark super-simple.

Waving goodbye to your home country and relocating abroad isn’t easy, but we can help it become far less stressful. From assisting with the legal side of things to providing insurance and even help moving things like money and pets, Squab has you covered. We also have lots of transportation options from shared or full lorry loads to air freight and sea. We’ll even provide return shipments from overseas if you decide to come home.

Why move to Denmark?

Why move to Denmark?

There’s a reason so many people decide to move lock-stock to Denmark. Clearly, if you’re reading this page, you’ve pretty much made up your mind, but here are four reasons it should be your new home.

  • You’ll get to experience the relaxed Danish lifestyle every single day
  • Danish pastries (proper Danish pastries)… need we say any more?
  • It’s located really well, with great links to London, Brussels, and Amsterdam
  • High living standards result in drinkable tap water, low crime rates, and quality food
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We’ve helped people and businesses move all around the world, and we can help you. Here are the most popular destinations we can help you move to. Please talk to our team if yours is not listed.

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