Trust Squab to make your relocation to India stress-free.

We’ll be with you every step of the way as you start (and complete) your journey to a brand-new home in India.

Waving goodbye to your home country is never an easy thing – particularly when you’re moving to somewhere as far-flung as India. Thankfully, if you work with Squab, we’ll ensure your relocation is undertaken smoothly and with no stress on your part. We can help with everything from packing to moving money, insurance, and dealing with all of the red tape you’re likely to encounter. We can even arrange return shipments from overseas in the future if you ever decide to head back to the UK (although we’re sure that won’t be the case!).

Humayun's Tomb

Why move to India?

Taj Mahal

Why move to India?

Around 32,000 Britons have already made the jump to India, and there’s no shortage of reasons why it could be the perfect new home for you and your family.

  • You can live like a king thanks to India’s low cost of living and some wonderful employment opportunities
  • The food is, let’s not beat around the bush, absolutely amazing – it’s practically the only reason you need to head that way
  • India is about as big as continental Europe, which means there are loads of amazing destinations on your doorstep
  • The vibrant mix of cultures will keep you inspired each and every day
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