Ready to relocate to South Africa? You need Squab’s assistance, in that case.

Moving abroad isn’t easy, but it’s made more stress-free than you can possibly imagine if you bring in the Squab team!

A free home survey is just the start of a relocation service from Squab. We’ll also assist with the legals, insurance, packing, and moving all of your worldly belongings. With a variety of transport options to choose from including shared or full lorry loads, and sea and air freight, we can build a South Africa relocation package to suit your budget and take all of the unnecessary stress off your hands. With Squab, it’s easy.

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Why move to South Africa?

Tall buildings and city

Why move to South Africa?

Why not? It’s easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and when people move there, it’s rare they ever want to leave.

  • The landscape and scenery in South Africa is stunning and infinitely explorable
  • You can experience a great lifestyle with high living standards and a fondness of leisure time from the country’s natives
  • Although living standards are generally high, the cost of living in South Africa is satisfyingly low
  • You’ll be guaranteed a consistent, predictable climate with fantastically warm summers
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