COVID Secure: How do Removals Differ During Lockdown?

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It looks like we might be experiencing ad-hoc lockdowns for the foreseeable future. If you’re moving home or intending to do so, that might have left you with one big question. How will the removals process be affected? Is it really possible to move home efficiently and safely during a COVID-19 lockdown? Here’s some good news: it is. In fact, lots of people have continued with their home moving plans recently and are now successfully - and happily - set up in their new places. Things are different, though, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight the key differences. Don’t worry - there’s nothing to be concerned about; in fact, some of the changes are for the better!

Surveys get Zoomified (most of the time)

More and more surveys are now being undertaken via video call, for obvious reasons. This means the surveyor doesn’t need to visit the house and consequently this speeds up the time it takes to undertake the survey itself. In many situations, this has led to a far better customer experience. There are, of course, instances where face-to-face surveys are still required. For example, if your home is particularly large or features awkward access points, bringing a surveyor in is probably a good idea for your own peace of mind. If you opt for an onsite survey during the pandemic, face masks are best worn by everyone, and it’s a good idea to open your windows a good few hours before the visit to improve ventilation. You’ll also need to forgo the offer of a cup of tea and do the opening and closing of doors and cupboards yourself to ensure the surveyor doesn’t have to.  

Red tape is a bit more cumbersome

There’s no escaping the additional administration involved with a home move during lockdown. You’ll need to spend more time preparing for the move when it comes to the red tape and new regulations which have been brought in. Expect more questions centred around COVID and the increased risks it has introduced during the process. There’s also an added degree of responsibility for buyers and vendors when it comes to flagging concerns about recent travel, quarantine periods, or any new symptoms that have developed.  

It’s all a bit more formal

Moving home is exciting and stressful in equal measure, which is why it’s always best to keep things as relaxed as they can be. Unfortunately, the strict rules around COVID and lockdown means we all need to be a bit more formal. That means drinks can’t be exchanged with your removals company or anyone else you’ve employed to help (and, yes, that definitely goes against the British instinct). Everyone will also need to regularly wash their hands, and reserve just one toilet for removals staff which has been thoroughly sanitised before and after their visit. Masks will also need to be worn and the two-meter distance rule observed (this is made far easier if no more than one person is present at a time in the property).  

Additional vehicles and removal materials

The use of materials on the move has also been affected by the COVID lockdowns. To prevent transmission of the disease, blankets are now being rotated. There’s also likely to be reduced use of second-hand boxes and paper, therefore it pays to invest in new storage boxes if you’re planning on moving soon. Most removal firms are having to call in additional vehicles, too. This is to help reduce the time spent in each van for the removal operatives.  

Is it safe to move during lockdown?

Absolutely. You just need the right team to help you get through the day stress-free and as efficiently as possible. We’ve undertaken several moves during the pandemic, and we’re confident that we’ve put in place all the measures necessary. If you’ve got any questions or concerns, the Squab team will be able to help. Just get in touch and we’ll answer your questions.

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