How To Make Your House Move as Stress-Free as Possible

squab boxes in a house
We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard people say that moving house was one of the most stressful times of their lives. Don’t get us wrong - it is a stressful thing to do, but it shouldn’t count among the hardest periods of your life. On the contrary, a house move should be an equal mix of excitement and stress - good stress, at that. As always, it’s best to lean on those who have the experience, knowledge, and tools to get you through the day safely and to an ultimately happy conclusion. Here are just a few ways to make your house move as stress-free as it should be.  

Pack early

Prior planning prevents - yep, you know the rest. It’s so true - particularly when you’re doing something as significant as moving home. It’ll feel like the thing you least want to do (no one wants to pack stuff, ever - you’re not alone), but by packing early, you’ll remove a huge amount of hassle from later on in the process. Plan your pack. Work out what can be placed safely into a box now, and which items will need to wait until the last minute. Invest in good packing material and boxes, too - it’ll make your life so much easier.  

Book a pre-move survey

Most removals firms will provide something called a pre-move survey. This is their - and your - chance to work out how to tackle the move on the big day. It’s a great way to identify any potential challenges and work out how to overcome them. This is something that can be done for both your current home and the one you’re moving to. The latter can be scoped out by the removals team to ensure any access requirements are known well in advance.  

Lean on move support and experience

At Squab, we have a team of experts in-house who can answer any question you might have about the move. They can do this on the build-up to the move and during the day itself. It’s a huge peace of mind and a nice feeling to know that you’ve got someone just a phone call away who can settle your mind on any last-minute panics. The same goes for the experience you’ll find within the removals team. They’ve moved hundreds (possibly thousands) of homeowners before, and there’s not a single challenge they haven’t encountered in the past. That experience will remove so much of the weight from your shoulders.  

Remember the smaller details, too

There are two services we offer which prove very popular with home movers, but they’re easily overlooked. The first is insurance cover. Have you even thought about that for your house move? You’re not alone if you haven’t, but it’ll offer ultimate peace of mind that your belongings are protected in the unlikely event of anything going wrong. The second is late key waiver. Unfortunately, and although rare, things do go wrong on completion day. But if you don’t get your keys on time and you’ve booked Squab for removals, we won’t charge you - simple! To find out more about the Squab removals service, just call our friendly team, today.

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